Worldwide, on time and fast

Air sea land linkage, shorten the distance between you and customers。Apex has been working with companies around the world since 2001 to provide cross-border logistics and global supply chain solutions。Apex provides efficient and secure international logistics services wherever and whenever you need them。

Global integrated cross-border logistics service provider Join hands and leap beyond the future

APEX Group's strong global network and innovative technology practices enable you to focus on your products and customers without the hassle of supply chains。The APEX Online platform allows you to easily track the entire journey of goods from the point of origin to the arrival of the customer from anywhere。

Since the inception of the group, we have developed a variety of customized solutions tailored to different customer objectives and business challenges。We integrate various modes of transportation organically to provide customers with more convenient and efficient cross-border logistics services to ensure global scope, timely delivery,。

APEX is different:
  • Anytime, anywhere, worldwide, on time
  • Strictly follow ISO standards, to provide consistent quality services
  • One-stop logistics service, streamline supply chain process
  • Efficient logistics experience, customers release strong supply chain value
  • Assist customer in supply chain adjustment and change



Express the world, efficient and fast

APEX's global network of warehouse and distribution sites ensures timely delivery of goods to all parts of the world。We have advanced and efficient logistics equipment, professional supply chain team and experts, and strictly follow the quality inspection standards and operating procedures to ensure that we provide first-class logistics and supply chain services to customers。

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It is a member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and CTPAT (The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism),APEX adheres to standards and transparency in supply chain management,We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with partners all over the world。With our passion for cross-border logistics, APEX provides international logistics services that conform to the latest ISO standards。

Global expansion, delivering value

APEX provides quality, efficient integrated logistics services to customers in 70 countries around the world。We know how to create new value for enterprises through supply chain。At the same time, we also create unique logistics solutions for each customer's different needs and business differences, maximize their operating results, stimulate enterprise vitality。

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