Apex Supply Chain Finance

Letters of credit, standby letters of credit, bank guarantees and SWIFT instruments

Our trade finance department provides structured trade finance solutions to obtain working capital without sacrificing the security of collection of goods。

We issued for customersThe l/cTo allow customers to carry out production work in accordance with the terms of the agreement without a down payment or mortgage。

Apex helps the customer to issueStandby letters of credit and bank guaranteesTo enable these financial services, which are heavily burdened under their original credit system, to carry out transactions requiring financial assurance。

Accounting and logistics services

If you have difficulty managing your company's finances, we will provide you with accounting/bookkeeping services to monitor your cash flow and accounts receivable。

With 25 years of trade finance and supply chain management expertise, we are able to seamlessly meet your accounting needs and allow you to focus on business growth。

Factoring -- accounts receivable collection, cash prepayment and credit protection

Wholesalers who sell to customers on open credit terms can be serviced in a number of ways

(a) Cash in advance -- The customer can withdraw 85% of the invoice value immediately

(b) Credit management -- Customers will have their own account manager, credit department and 24*7 online tracking system to view invoices, payments, refunds and related data。

(c) Credit protection Apex's policies protect our customers from bankruptcy, insolvency and non-payment。

You can call us at any time to learn more about our financial services。We will be at your service with all sincerity。

For more information, please email: financialservices@www.sigma-music.com

The order of financing

Our order financing program enables customers to pay for the cost of goods and shipping by providing proof of credit to fulfill purchase orders from reputable customers。