Cargo insurance

As the global business landscape continues to expand, so does the risk of moving goods around the global supply chain, which is inevitable。Identifying vulnerabilities and managing the associated risks is one of the keys to an excellent supply chain today。

At Apex, we offer a wide range of security and insurance products that can help you minimize loss or damage to your cargo。From specially designed procedures, packaging, storage and tracking equipment used to protect products, to insurance products that take on all international, warehouse and domestic shipping risks, we want to be able to minimize your risk and compensate you through insurance in the event of loss。

Legal liability insurance usually pays only a fraction of the value of the goods。 The liability for seaborne cargo is only $500 per normal unit (i.e., cargo in a shipping container), 22 Special Drawing Rights (SDRS) per kilogram for air freight, and 0 for domestic cargo in the United States.Fifty dollars per pound。Our insurance products allow single shipment insurance (for small shipments per year), multiple shipment insurance (for seasonal or phased shipments) and annual policies (for frequent shipments).。
You may feel free to contact our sales staff to learn more about Apex's cargo insurance business。