Air freight service

Air logistics helps your business soar

Apex provides customized air logistics services to optimize the customer experience。Help you increase customer loyalty through fast, reliable delivery cycles, and prepare your organization for changing consumer needs and ongoing industry fluctuations。Apex offers competitive prices while ensuring the legal compliance of the logistics process in all regions。Customers also have access to real-time shipping analysis and reporting through Apex's convenient online platform。

Time-saving and efficient Apex air service

  • 包机
  • Half a charter
  • Multiple service levels
    • Express Air Service
    • Express Air Service
    • Standard Air Service
    • Economy Air Freight Service
  • The order management
  • LCL service at the place of origin
  • Destination partial shipment and transhipment
  • Special services for the following industries
    • Automotive and aerospace manufacturing
    • Precision instruments
    • Dangerous goods
    • Agricultural products
    • The government business
  • Cargo insurance