Direct transport

It takes less time, it's faster

You can use Apex's strong global network to quickly establish yourself in the world。Better logistics service, faster logistics speed, so that your brand value and customer loyalty quickly increased。Customized solutions allow you to streamline supply chain processes and make your business more competitive。Apex allows you to focus more on your products and customer experience by delivering faster lead times while reducing unnecessary operation and storage costs。

  • Speed to market by shipping products directly from origin to final markets such as foreign retailers and customers
  • Improve supply chain flexibility while reducing costs through reliable cross-docking services 
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency through transit services, making sea, land and air transport seamless and simplifying the process
  • Our door-to-door service minimizes operating costs by shipping products directly from suppliers to your retail store
  • Multiple batches of goods can be transferred into one final delivery, bringing better logistics experience for customers。

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