Apex Corporate Social Responsibility

Apex has always been concerned about the needs of the country and society, and hopes to give back to the society through its own efforts and bring positive energy to the society while growing and developing the company。

Humanistic care
Apex has long been committed to supporting and caring for the public welfare sector and motivating employees to actively participate in social welfare。Through public welfare activities, we spread love and positive energy to more vulnerable groups and people in need。

Apex teamed up with heart to Heart foundation to visit Shanghai Museum to raise funds for surgery for children with congenital heart disease。Small acts of kindness, light up a beacon of life。

Apex initiated the book Donation campaign "Love And Books" to donate books for the children of Rangniangsi Buddhist Academy in Yushu, Qinghai Province。Full of sincere wishes and expectations for the children in the mountainous areas, the seeds of knowledge will be sown to the Chinese border area。
Apex organizes employees to volunteer at the Jing 'an Yue Liang Children's Mental Development Training Center in Shanghai to assist in teaching services, as teaching assistants to attend classes and play with autistic children, and to show care and respect to exceptional children。

Outbreak of aid

In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, Apex served as wuhan's official collection window for overseas epidemic prevention supplies, assisting government departments to receive epidemic prevention supplies from around the world。After the epidemic spread around the world, It took advantage of its advantages in cross-border logistics to transport various medical products around the world。In the first half of 2020, the total was nearly 2.500 million epidemic prevention materials。In addition to leveraging its expertise, Apex also makes donations to various organizations and medical organizations。During the pandemic, Apex donated a total of 573,740 YUAN of supplies to Hubei Airport Group and Shanghai Renji Hospital, contributing to the country's epidemic prevention efforts。

In the future, Apex will continue to give back to the community by organizing more employees to participate in public welfare projects。Apex will continue to spread its love for society to every corner of the world。