Vertical industry

Clothing retail

APEX uses powerful visual analytics to improve supply chain efficiency and inventory optimization in the apparel retail industry, helping it develop competitive advantages in a rapidly evolving market。Our team of professionals will tailor your solutions to meet your operational objectives, while reducing your overheads and streamlining your operations。From pre-shipment purchase orders and supplier management to product planning and quality control, Apex can meet customers' changing needs and increase their profits。

Consumer electronics

The consumer electronics industry is changing fast and products are changing fast -- which means customers need to accelerate production, launch and delivery to gain a competitive edge in the digital economy。Our experts will assess your business architecture and strategy implementation, identify your business growth model, make your supply chain more resilient and ensure sustainability。

Fresh cold chain

Faster international logistics service for fresh sellers through Apex。Through the advanced cold chain equipment and perfect SOP process, the fresh food can reach the destination faster and ensure the freshness and taste of the products。

Cross-border electricity

Apex's more flexible supply chain management and e-commerce logistics model gives customers a competitive edge in the growing cross-border e-commerce sector。Apex ensures that your package gets to the end customer faster by meeting the needs of different consumers。


Apex makes enterprise decisions in real time with deeper visual analysis while optimizing the supply chain。We evaluate every aspect of your organization, increase supply chain flexibility, and enable your enterprise to quickly change course and seize development opportunities in the market competition。


Apex builds stronger supply chains and faster delivery experiences for manufacturers。Our team of professionals will evaluate your objectives and supply chain to help you improve operational efficiency and discover more added value。

Medical supplies

Apex provides robust capacity support to healthcare and government organizations when needed most, while ensuring compliance, control and safety of core processes and operations in the supply chain, and timely transportation of medical supplies。

The government department

Apex assists various community and government departments in logistics, controlling and ensuring expenditure is in line with budget。We follow the latest regulatory changes in real time。Make your organization's supply chain more efficient and data-driven。

Oil and gas energy

Apex allows you to extract and transport energy faster and more profitably。With our round-the-clock support and global site coverage, we promote the steady development of your logistics supply chain。

Aeronautics and astronautics

Take your supply chain management to the next level with Apex。We create customized solutions based on your specific business goals to better match your actual needs。With the support of Apex's professional team, we can ensure that all your important deliveries with strict delivery time requirements will be delivered on time。